Tea Ceremony Entertainment with the theme of “Kojiki” (Record of Ancient Matters)



Kojiki is the first history book in Japan, edited in 712.

It describes various events and matters from the Creation as the age of the gods to the era of Empress Suiko.

Especially the chapter of the age of the gods is highly evaluated as Japanese mythology literature rather than a history book.

The gods in Japan have been given each role and name based on nature or feelings like those in Greek mythology and still being worshiped at shrines in Japan.


Based on such background, our theme for this time is “Story of Amano-iwato”.  The heroine, Amaterasu, is the top of the gods—the Sun Goddess. 

She got upset with her brother’s bad behaviors and hid herself in the heavenly rock cave, plunging the world into complete darkness.

So now, how can we take her out of the rock cave?---this is the story for the tea ceremony this time.  “A goddess hides herself” resembles to the myth of Demeter in Greece. 

Our tea ceremony style is not a typical one often shown in many photos but presenting new style.


Maccha (green powered tea) has been used originally as a part of Zen medication, to as medicine or as a tool for gambling.

Currently, it forms a world with strict rules to embody “wabi-sabi” (taste for the simple and quite / tranquility).

However, because of such strict and detail rules, even some Japanese, unfortunately, hesitate to try it.


Also there is another unfortunate fact under the “globalization” in Japan---we tend to forget our own culture due to our too busy daily life. 

Schools in Japan seem to focus more on economy or foreign languages rather than history. 

We believe that the true globalization is to learn about own roots and culture to formulate yourself. 

Therefore, we have been learning our culture and making up the stories based on the history, legend, or 4 seasons for the tea ceremony participants not only to just keep sitting and enjoying tea but also to play a role of the story with a concrete theme.  

This is “a tea ceremony that everyone can participate in”, not only for Japanese but also anyone who is interested in Japan.


The heavenly rock cave where Amaterasu hid herself may be a cave in our mind.

Mythology is universal across the countries and times. 

Please come and join us to enjoy our tea ceremony as “Ichigo-ichie” (one chance in a lifetime).


Date: June 22(Sun), 23(Sun) 2019  / English interpreting  is possible on 23.  

Venue: Myosin-an, grand floor Garden Park, 1-19-14, Shimouma, Setagaya  / MAP

Fee: 4,000 yen for one ticket (Reservation required)

June 22(Sat)

1st: 11:00 (Reserved)

2nd: 13:00(Reserved)

3rd: 15:00 (Reserved)

4th: 17:00(Reserved)

June 23(Sun)

1st: 11:00

2nd: 13:00

3rd: 15:00 

4th: 17:00



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